At the Oil Press


At the Oil Press.


Every beautiful plan that God has shown you is on the other side of surrender. Father has been beckoning you to obedience, to lay down your worries into His hands, so that He can be the center of your heart. It is has been a deep time of sanctification and separation to be a vessel of holiness to the Lord. Your heart has longed to give your life to God as the most ultimate form of worship. There is no going back, the only way is forward and your hour at the altar has come.


Finally, you have come to the garden of your heart called Gethsemane, “the oil press”.  Earnestly you have prayed through the night. Drops of sweat have covered you as you have struggled mentally for your victory. It has been like bleeding pain to let go into the new and unknown. 


The process of sweating has been cleansing, as you react to the heat and pressure of surrender. As your will is battered up against the Lords, you have been crushed and pressed for oil. It is time for your kingdom to fall, to make way for the Kingdom of God to reign in your heart.


While you are praying, Abba Father sends angels down to strengthen you and assist you to overcome. Finally, the band of self-will is stretched so far that it snaps apart and you release your will to God in exchange for His.


As you give up your will in total obedience, you see a door open before you. The light of God’s glory pours through the open door and you hear the Father’s voice of love saying


“Come up here. There is a sweet treasure in My will. The plans that I have for you will be better than you could ever hope or imagine. Rest completely in the palm of My hand and I will fight your battles for you. I will cause you to fly high like an eagle. You will swim in the spirit free from all fear and worry.


For everything that you have given up for Me, I promise to give you better. You have been refined for improved flavor and matured for maximum sweetness. Now it’s time to fly beloved. I will open doors that no man can shut. I will hold you up in the palm of My hand. It is time to conquer the new lands of promise. You have completed VICTORY. To be emptied of self is to be filled with Me. This is only the beginning of the most amazing days of your life, as I take you deeper into Me.


Well done, My child, well done”.





Written by Dannette Lynn