The First Snow


This is a story created out of many visions and signs that God has given me of the fire of His word coming and the romantic first snow falling. The first snow is the first sign of His manifested word of Love coming to bring light to the darkness and a turnaround in situations from negative to positive.


Standing in the middle of the desert, under the scorching heat of the sun. With tears flowing down her cheeks, she whispers to her King, “without you, nothing will be possible”. She has lost everything. All she has is a tiny thread of hope in her pocket and a letter of promise in her hand.


With her arms wide open, she lays it all down to God again, in hopes that He will show up and save her in her time of desperate need. All alone she stands, waiting on the kindness of the Lord. In the quiet moment, she feels something cold touch the hot skin on her face. As she opens her eyes, she sees snowflakes dancing from Heaven all around her.


At this moment, she knows that her miracle promises from God are manifesting around her. In her heart, she cries tears of happiness, at the love encounter between her and Jesus. In her suffering, He has sent His intentional love to her, as the sign of romance from the One who has good plans for her life. With the snow falling in the desert sun, she knows that this is her first snow miracle. A first snow miracle is when in her time of greatest need, God shows up to answer His promises to her. It is a gift of His LOVE for her.


Suddenly, she hears the sound of chariots of war. She lifts her eyes and looks to see what looks like fire devouring the hills, like a flame burning up the chaff. She hears the Lord’s voice thunder before the flames of fire.


It is the angel army of the LORD, coming to execute His word! The mighty warriors leap over every mountain that has risen up to stop her. They climb the wall of the enemy, intended to block out the word of God from coming to pass. The fire devours before the great army, leaving a flame behind them. Nothing can stop their ravenous force. The mighty angel warriors burst upon every enemy weapon that has been set up against her.


The Lord has rescued her from her enemies! As she stands in awe of this great scene happening, she is filled with unbelievable amazement that God would do so much to help her. He has given her REST from every trouble.


Then she hears the voice of the Lord speaking, “I am abounding in loving kindness. Instead of being stuck in the hot and dry land, you will now swim in a double portion of joy and laughter. The years that you have lost have been restored to you. I have reversed the captivity that has ensnared you and brought back the fortunes of My inheritance to you.


I have sent My army to execute My word and deal with the enemy for His treatment of you. You will never be put to shame, I am the Beginning and the End. The arrows of My word have pierced your enemies all around you. I am the Lord who causes the vapors to arise and who brings the wind out of My storehouses. I am great and there is no one who can overthrow My plans of goodness to you. You are My devoted Bride. I delight in you with immeasurable love beyond your understanding and I have chosen you to be forever Mine”




Written by Dannette Lynn

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