Your Hope is Safe in Me



“I can hear you crying out for me to fulfill the dream that you have in your heart. All of your hope you have placed in me because, without me, it is impossible to reach. Before you first conceived the dream that you’re so longing to see and hold in your arms, I created it. Out of nothing I painted that dream for you because I have plans for your future to prosper you.


I see how you have placed your trust in me, but you must also trust in my timing. All the days of your life are before me and I will never disappoint you. Even up to the 11th hour, everything in your life can change. In a sudden blink of the eye, I can bring your dream to life for you.  I did not bring you down this road to leave you wanting, but I have led you here, to fulfill the desire of your heart. I am not a God of “maybe”, but I am the God of “Yes”. You are safe in me to place your confidence expectation.


There is a reason that I gave you a dream too impossible to obtain alone. I am the God of MIRACLES and you are my miracle child. The vision will not disappoint you. I will turn your hope into an experience of my faithful love for you. I have shown you the picture at the end of the promise, now trust in me to fill in the missing parts. Just as I remembered Sarah and the child of promise was born, I will also remember you. So do not strive to obtain this promise.


Out of my gracious love, this is my gift to you.


Rest your hope in me, every longing that has been placed in your heart is safe with me. It is safe to enter my presence with thanksgiving, for what you have believed for me to do, is exactly what I will do for you. Place your hopes in me, surrender the dream into the safety of my hands. You can count on me to fulfill your dreams, rest in the goodness of my heart.


I am the creator of your dreams and the maker of your miracle. Every last detail of your life has been captured in my book of promise for you. The best part is that I will surprise you with abundantly above all you could ever dream when you place your hope in me.




Your Heavenly Father”


Written by Dannette Lynn

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