You Are A Diamond


You are a diamond.


In the darkest part of the earth, the diamond is formed.


The diamond is created in an unquenchable heat, nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. In the pressure, you were cut and broken. As a diamond is clear and pure.


The pain made strength. The word diamond is taken from the Greek word, Adamas, which means “unconquerable”.


You have been formed into a weapon of unconquerable strength. You have been carved with the sharpness of God to cut glass. With the light of His eyes, your beauty dazzles.


Yes, you were buried for a time in the dark and painful heat.


You are a brilliant display of His love and beauty.


The creator has created a shimmer of Himself within you.


In your eyes of clear agate, they will see His beauty.


You are a diamond.


A diamond of the Lord.



Written by Dannette Lynn


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