You Are A Diamond

You are a diamond. In the darkest part of the earth, the diamond is formed. There have been times that it has been so dark that you questioned if God was still near you. “Why God?” you have asked him as this darkness surrounded you. Your heart was broken as you searched for the light. You held tightly to the promises of hope that God placed in your heart. As you fought with your faith, you came closer and closer to the surface of promise.

The diamond is created in an unquenchable heat, nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The pressure has hurt as you were cut and broken. Your heart cried for God to save you. Why Lord do you allow this pain to touch me?

But the diamond is clear and pure. For the desires that God has placed in your heart to be fulfilled, you had to be made pure through his fiery heat.

Though his sympathy was not taken from you, the sculptor continued to create. He knew what he was doing when he buried you into this place.

The pain was bringing strength. The word diamond is taken from the Greek word, Adamas, which means “unconquerable”.

You have been formed into a weapon of unconquerable strength. You have been carved with the sharpness of God to cut glass.

I see the hand of the Lord reaching down to pick you up now, out of the dirt. As he places you into the palm of his hand, his eyes gaze lovingly upon you.

With the light of his eyes, your beauty dazzles. Yes, you were buried for a time in the dark and painful heat. But now you have come out into his light. You are a brilliant display his love and beauty.

The creator has created a shimmer of himself into you. In your eyes, they will see the beauty of the Lord. You are a diamond. A diamond of the Lord.


Written by Dannette Lynn

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