Safe in My Refuge

A love letter from Jesus.     “ I have determined to stand up for you and protect you and there is no one who can push beyond the protection of My arms. I am the source of your salvation to defend you every day. Run into My arms with fearless faith and a courageous heart. Trust Me and be not […]

Freedom to Move

A love letter from Father God.      “One journey ends and a new one begins. For a time what restrained you, served a purpose as your heart was prepared. Like swaddling cloths used to comfort a baby, restricting movement by mimicking the comfort of a womb. In every season My protective love always remains. Find My heartbeat and trust […]

Super Bloom By Faith

A love letter from the Lord.   “Pull out the old and pour in the new. Pull out the fake and pour in the true. In the flowerbed of your heart, where My promises are planted, use your faith to speed the bloom. The clusters of beauty will bloom all together, as radiant flowers bending toward the sun. Inhale deeply […]

I Am Your Anchor in the Waves

A love letter from Jesus.   “When dark clouds linger over the sea and the west wind comes in like a rush. I am your refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. Though the waters may crash and roar, don’t worry because I am on your side. Sheltering you in My everlasting arms, your life is always […]

I Have a Plan

A Love Letter to the Kingdom Child, from Abba Father.    “This is when you need Me the most, so just let go and trust Me to take care of you. I will be your shield and glory and the One who lifts up your head. For I, alone will make you dwell in safety.   I will save you […]

Becoming the Dream

A Love Letter from Jesus to His Dreamers.     “I have given you a dream and placed it in your heart. Align your heart with mine, it’s time to build your dream house. Use the good thoughts of my Word for building your walls and extending your boundaries. As a man thinks, he will become. Use the power of my […]

From the Father

From the Father,    “ I have placed into you my precious promises, that I may show you, my love. In ways that you cannot understand, my footprints were hidden, as I crafted my plans into your life. My heart is for you to know the intentionality of my love and to leave you in a childlike wonder as you […]

Dashing through the Night

The moon is frosty cold and the sky is ice blue. Quietness fills the night and you are desperate to breakthrough. Fog has filled the air, so that you cannot see the way to move. The fog blocks out what is real, crying out with a false report and threatening danger. Fear is lurking in the dark, but you know […]

A Time to Speak

  Like Esther, who God had chosen for a historical moment of time,  you have also been chosen to speak. An anointing of deliverance and authority has been under your tongue, released by the words that you speak.    This is a word for those like Esther, from Father and a release of healing from fear. Be blessed.   “It […]

Rising into High Places

You are going up to high places, it’s a time to ascend. Think like a child and always trust where Jesus calls. He will take you to the place of your promised destiny. Refusing all fear, know that you are wrapped in His love. You are called and chosen, covered in the depths of God’s grace. Like a deer panting for […]

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