“Letters of Promise”

So many people have requested that I provide the love letters from the blog in a book form so that they can hold them close in their hands. It was also in my heart to give back to the readers of the blog, out of what I had in my hands, the Diamonds of Promise that God has shared with me. […]

A Loss Turns into Beauty

A letter to those in mourning from Father God.    This is a tender moment when the cold winds blow and loss touches the deep places of the soul. It is a place where the river water departs and it returns again.   There is a time to mourn and a time to dance, even the prettiest plants see days of […]

Take it Back

    Take back your temple, take back your life. Believe that you can do it, see with your eyes of faith. You can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength. Breakthrough starts with your will, get excited to live the dream.   God is faithful and will not suffer you to be tempted above what you are […]

The Goodwill of the Father’s Song

The Father’s Song    “I am a Good, Good Father, let my lyrics fill your heart. So many times you have been afraid, yet I will never let you down. Think of all the times that you have discovered my love. Or the desperate moments when I brought praise to your mouth. I go before you with your best interest […]

An Invitation to Dream

A letter from Jesus, an invitation to dream.      “Favored one, I have made your dreams a place to weave and sow upon. A place where I can display the intentionality of my love. Dreams and desires planted by me, for so long now you have longed to see. What you thought was a heart’s desire was also a […]

Draw Close to Me As I Raise You Up

A love letter from Jesus to the Promoted.    “Draw close to me as I raise you up. Lock eyes with mine, coming together like swans. We will form a perfect heart out of the deepest love. I will hold you forever in the midst of all the shaking, as a song of songs and a swan dance of true […]

I Will Show Up and Show Off For You

  A letter from Jesus to those enduring longsuffering in the pregnancy of Promise.    “Carrying my promise through a long and difficult pregnancy has not been easy, I know. Even when surrounded by doubters with hardened hearts, you held onto my Word with hope. Many have mocked and judged you, as you stood tall and confident in what I […]

Safety in My Name

A letter from the Lord to quiet the restless soul.    “Do not worry about anything. I will be merciful to you and bless you. I will cause my face to shine upon you. There is safety in abiding in the presence of God. I AM your Fortress and your place of Refuge. I AM, EL Shaddai, the God who […]

Adjust Your Sails to the Promise

A love letter from Jesus.    “Dear Beloved,   Striving to earn what I have already promised is like being tossed in the waves of the ocean and never reaching the destination. As you settle into what I have already spoken, it will become you. Adjust your thoughts toward the promises, and let the wind catch your sails with fulfillment. […]

On the Wings of Courage

  Listen to words of the Father,   “You are anointed and chosen for a high place. Like a bird, you were never meant to stay on the ground. It’s time to spread your wings and leave the comfort of the shallow nest. Step out with courage and come out of the den of your hiding place.   Instead of […]

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