Hang the Lights of Expectation

A love letter from Jesus to those holding on for a miracle.    “Hang the lights of expectation, the stage has been set for a miracle to manifest. Keep pushing with your faith, believing that I will reveal myself. Trust in my arm and wait upon me. You will be transformed by my Love.   Always believe something wonderful is […]

Falling Stars

A Love Letter from the Father’s Heart.   “Far beyond the troubles that you face, lies an ocean of my love. Embrace the uncomfortable situations of pressing and I will take you deeper to displace all fear with my love. To be without fear is to be made perfect in my love. I want you to know the intentionality of […]

Becoming the Dream

A Love Letter from Jesus to His Dreamers.     “I have given you a dream and placed it in your heart. Align your heart with mine, it’s time to build your dream house. Use the good thoughts of my Word for building your walls and extending your boundaries. As a man thinks, he will become. Use the power of my […]

The Return of Happiness

A love letter from King Jesus to those in the valley of suffering.    “Weeping through the night, through the loss and pain. There was a time to take away. Branches were taken away for more fruit to be gained. There were times that you suffered what you never deserved. Tragedies and natural disasters both leave a trail of destruction […]

Pushing to Uncover

  In the final stage of spiritual pregnancy, there is a burning urge to push in prayer to release what has been unseen. It is a time of euphoric wonder to be so close to seeing the mystery of what was hidden within materialize before your eyes.   As the waves of immense pay flow over you as contractions of […]

A Time to Dance

A love letter from Jesus.      “I will save the day and bring joy to your home. I care about even the smallest details of your life, your prayers have been a sweet incense to me, rising up from the sacrifice. The morning light will bring the manifestation of my unfailing love.   Let your heart be of good […]

Sudden Eruption

The pressure has been building for an extended time. Growing and filling with the heat to refine. The time of waiting has been a time of growing in faith and patience. You have been standing against all opposition, clinging for dear life to the Lord’s secrets of the night. As the tipping point gets nearer, the stillness is unnerving, like […]

Treasures of Travail

In the travail of birth, comes the pushing stage. Often human labor will carry the woman past her natural threshold of pain. The position of birthing a promise can change everything. Staying bowed low, let the gravity help remove the weight of the pain. In humility, pray and cry out to God. The Lord is Sovereign and longing to take […]

From the Father

From the Father,    “ I have placed into you my precious promises, that I may show you, my love. In ways that you cannot understand, my footprints were hidden, as I crafted my plans into your life. My heart is for you to know the intentionality of my love and to leave you in a childlike wonder as you […]

You Have Been Crowned

A love letter from Jesus to those who have been buried in the dirt.    “Draw close to me, bind your heart to mine. I am your husband and your refuge.  My wing of protection I have spread over you. I have redeemed you and I will prosper you. I will cause wealth to be transferred to your name. My love […]

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