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Spiritual Birthing and Personal Counseling



As a spiritual midwife, I will work one on one with you to help you birth the promises of God. We inherit the promises through patience and faith. Until the word of God is fulfilled, the word will test us. Our faith is brought into to the fire of refining, where the word emerges through our faith, as gold purified 7 times in the furnace.


The long-suffering and testing of our faith can be painful at times. With tender-loving-care, I will help coach you through the pain of delivery and the travail of the birth pains. There are also times while birthing the prophetic words that we may need encouragement in our faith to help us to strengthen our hands and make strong our knees. Just like Moses, I will help you to hold up your hand and encourage your faith to stand tall amidst any opposition.


“A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world” John 16:21



In 2010 I graduated from Liberty University with studies in Psychology and Christian counseling. It has always been my heart to be a safe place where hurting people can come to be free from judgment. God has given me a deep empathy to love His children and help Him care for their hearts.


The Holy Spirit took me through an extensive program in spiritual nursing and personal soul healing. I always wanted to be a nurse, but I never before realized that my call of nursing was to minister heart healing in the spirit realm, as a labor and delivery nurse in the spirit.


With the Spiritual Midwife subscription, I will minister to you with love by email or phone, once a week for an average of 30 minutes. I will also labor with you over your promises in daily intercession. I will help to encourage and strengthen your faith by deep intersession and washing you in the water of the prophetic. You will encounter intentional love as I share the treasures that the Lord has hidden in your heart.



You are welcome to cancel at any time, with no questions asked. There is no risk at all. The size of this service is extremely limited. 


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God bless you!

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Diamonds from the Dust

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