Seek no further, for He will guide you

Search no other, for He will hold you

Question no deeper, for He, will answer you

Wonder no longer, for He will love you

Close your eyes and let His hands guide you

Feel his love and let it consume you

Open your heart and let Him speak to you

You are a diamond let Him cherish you

Be fearless for He will save you

Let yourself fly, for He will catch you

Trust in Him when you fear to trust in you

Anything is possible when you let Him guide you.




A poem by Gabrielle.



This is a poem written by my gifted daughter, Gabrielle. I was so excited when the idea came to share her gift. Gabrielle came to know the Lord in a very powerful way through a time of brokenness early in her life. She will actually be 22 in only a few days and she has been a blessing from the Lord.

If you would like to bless her ministry, here is a link to do so.




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