Sure-Footed Faith


A love letter from the Lord. 


“Your faith will grow strong from all that you have been through, making you fearlessly brave and confident in My help. You are never alone. Sink deep into My love, in the water so clear that fear is no longer present. I will bring you through and you will emerge ANEW with the birth of your promises. The promise is already yours, as a song of love from My heart that never ends. I am making your feet like the feet of a deer to set you on high places. Just believe, I will never forsake you in a weak place.


A female deer is able to set her back feet in the exact place where her front feet stepped. Her sharp outer hooves dig into the trail and cushion her powerful landing.To be accurate in knowing My heart means coming out of a place of comfort. Run fearlessly with abandonment into My loving arms, as I teach you to trust in My Sovereign strength, with the swiftness of a warrior.


Deer have an excellent olfactory sense that helps them detect predators from a long distance. With great agility to move and escape, I have set you up in a safe and strong place. My favor to you is a shield that wraps around you. Sometimes the rain of the storm is used for your protection. I am your eternal refuge, holding you safe with My everlasting arms. I drive out your enemies before you. In My peace there is justice.


Don’t fear losing control. I am your bridge over troubled waters. Relax, every trouble is only a faith test, your victory is already established. Give Me your eyes of undistracted attention, listen to My voice and tune out the other noises. Deer have a great sense of hearing with many muscles attached to their ears. They are able to pivot their ears without moving their head.


Find peace in the rain, as you scale the difficult terrain. Find your joy in Me, regardless of the circumstance that you face. When it seems as though you are facing great difficulties, see it as an opportunity to experience My elevated joy, as your heart finds rest in knowing that I am Sovereign. I am showing you that I am reliable with loving compassion, the problem is only a matter of perception.


In every test of faith, there is an increase of blessing. I have already given you My promise. Sometimes the best way to gain confidence is to do what you are afraid to do. Trust Me as you cross over into new beginnings. When it feels like you are falling, have faith that I will catch you. There are some blessings reserved for you that are only found in the storm. The past problems will be wiped away as you are cloaked in a new dressing. Hold onto your hope, I am never failing.


Dance in your trust for Me. Praise Me as if it has already happened. Trust Me with the faith of a child and when it rains, dance in the puddles. Surely I have borne your griefs and carried your sorrows. When it seems as if everything has fallen apart and your spirit’s crushed, remember that I am holding you together. Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid. I am walking with you. Listen to Me as I awaken your heart with My love songs every morning.


As flowers blooming after the cold winter, from the darkest trials will come the richest blessings. Even if the stars were to fall, My promises to you will remain. I call the ocean waters and they come, I ladle them out into the earth. I have called you and you are mine. I go before you and follow you, to place My hand of blessing upon your head.


Stay positive, even in a negative situation. Even in threatening waters, I am on your side. When your faith is tested, it stirs up power within you. Have confident faith, without doubt, as doubting makes you like a sea driven wave that is tossed by the wind. When you walk by faith, your flesh may try to resist. Often I will lead you beyond the place of your understanding. Trust Me completely and surrender.


Soak in my promises for you with thanksgiving and praise. Rejoice and keep rejoicing until the day it manifests. Dwell in My love for you. A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great. Things are going to happen fast, one thing on the heels of another. You won’t be able to keep up with My goodness, everywhere that you look there will be blessings. Smile and laugh without fear at what’s ahead. What I have promised is reserved just for you, guarded and protected by Myself.


I am your personal bravery and strength. In every difficulty, I am your peace, making you as sure-footed as a deer to tread upon the heights. Like kisses under the light of the stars in the vast night, you are about to be sought after, no longer dismissed. You do not have to compete for what I have told you. For I am about to do something so big that you wouldn’t even be able to take it all in if I told you”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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