Introducing “Soaking in Promise” an Audio Experience


I am overjoyed to introduce a new soaking audio download. In this audio soaking, I have hand-selected a handful of very precious love letters to perfectly fit this audio blessing. Soaking your ear gates in these letters of promise is like an inner refreshing of faith, hope, and love, as the Lord’s love splashes over the deepest rooms of the soul.


The Soaking in Promise download can be ordered for only $9.99 here:

It is also available on the Diamonds from the Dust website, on the Store page here:


Thank you to all who have labored with me to birth this ministry work of the Lord and thank you Holy Spirit for helping me to write the letters of Promise. A very special thank you to Crystal Wade of Hope Springs Ministries for her spirit led collaboration in planting this wonderful idea for me to endeavor.


Many blessings and big hugs to you all.




Dannette Garza


  • Please allow me grace, as this audio recording was made without professional help.

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