Run Wild and Free

A love letter from Jesus. 


“Run wild with me in power and liberty. Let courage take over your heart and charge ahead to where I lead. There is no stopping a wild horse running free, fully free from the weight of restrictions. Like one with a passion for my love, an unbridled heart. 


Let my peace lead you always, to satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land. You are like a well-watered garden, a spring whose waters never fail. I have saved you and called you for a Holy calling. Drink deep my mercy and grace.


My Word has set you free, run with power harnessed within. There may be scars from the past battles, as faint memories, but there will no longer be any pain. Leaving fear in the dust, run ahead like an unstoppable stampede. 


My promises to you are settled. The fulfillment depends on trusting my Word. Simply embrace my way, every promise will arrive as a pure gift, wrapped in my love. The job is too big for you, don’t try to earn it. This is something only I can do, trust me to do it. That is true faith, to believe as though it is already done. Believe in who I am. 


Stay close to me for protection, like a faithful tribe. What once tried to hold you down is being taken up. You will come to a NEW freedom to run wild after your dreams. The dream was too big to do on your own, you needed the power from me.


Don’t look to your weakness or need, I am your provision. Oh, mighty warrior, I am on your side. Surrender all your troubles and let me be your peace. I can see everything in my position and I am for you. Let go of what you cannot control, there are blue skies ahead. 


I am the Prince of Peace, giving you victory over everything. There is no need to panic, I have already planned ahead. I have a plan for you. I will always be faithful, never to forsake you. I am all knowing, all powerful and ever present to you. I am kind, my plans are for your well being. 


Let go of control, allow me to lead you to still waters. Rest in knowing that I have your back, you are my favored love. Know that every hair on your head has been perfectly counted. Do you know who you are? You are my chosen one. I am removing every hindrance so that you can charge full speed ahead. What was restraining you before, will be uprooted. Every problem will be your place of blessing. Where there was lack before, there will be an abundance. 


I will always show you where to go. I’ll give you a full life from the emptiest places. Rest in me and be full of joy. Your problems are already solved. I go before you and I am with you. I am all around. If you rise on the wings of the dawn or settle on the far side of the sea, even there I will guide you and shelter you with my hand.


I will work every detail of your life out for something good. I make the dust into beauty. No longer be weighed down, cast those burdens to me. Untie the heavy yoke of fear and find your courage to trust me. I am the lover of your soul. My joy is your strength. You will run free, like a beautiful and majestic wild horse who has encountered the flame of my love. ”




Written by Dannette Lynn

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