Becoming the Dream

A Love Letter from Jesus to His Dreamers.



“I have given you a dream and placed it in your heart. Align your heart with mine, it’s time to build your dream house. Use the good thoughts of my Word for building your walls and extending your boundaries. As a man thinks, he will become. Use the power of my thoughts to make a home, to become the dream of our heart. When a fear comes, speak the truth of my Word and I will make you strong. 


Change the course of your life by changing your thoughts and come away with me. The battle is in your mind, let faith rule over all unbelief. Ask boldly, believing without a second thought. Those who worry their prayers are like wind whipping waves, never getting what they seek. Rest in me. 


Come and align yourself with me with joy, fully believing that I will do what I promised. I remove every ‘maybe’, ALL things are possible with me. What you think about will navigate your thoughts and your thoughts shape your vision to see. I have already spoken my goodness, lock your course into me. You are a gatekeeper of your mind, protecting your faith from unbelief. My Word will not fail. 


Be transformed by renovating your mind to see only the good report. Apply intensely the changing of your thoughts to build your house of dreams. Direct the flow of your thoughts, follow the course of hope. Reflect back onto what I have spoken and shown you, aligning your mind with where you want to go. Choose the blessings of life and never agree with fear.


Break the circles of thought patterns that never take you where you want to go. You have power, love and a sound mind. You are a child of God. Think on the good report and the lovely. Think only on the positive, making no agreement with a negative.


My Word is a mirror reflecting you to the truth. What you believe about who I am for you will be your foundation for dreams to come true. Whatever you think about will grow, feed your faith to reach past impossibilities. Elevate yourself with the positive and obtain the manifestation of your promises. Your thoughts will carry you there. A positive vision produces action and your body will align with your mind. No more double-minded and lost at sea, but you are anchored in Me.


In a blink of an eye, I will change everything. Bring every thought to the captivity of my Lordship. My blessing will make you prosperous and no sorrow be added to it. Abide in me, draw from the Vine. I am ever-present, all-knowing and all-powerful. My Word will not fail. I will never let you go. I am faithful, even in instability. I have commanded my angels to take care of you and protect you wherever you go.


I am all bountiful to cover you with provision and blessing. May you have hope-filled thoughts so that your joy is full. I am the God who helps you and the One who sees everything. Let your heart be glad and rest in hope. My eye is on those who fear me, all who tremble at my Word. Don’t be cast down, you will praise me for your victory. The hope deferred of the past is coming into a desire fulfilled. The end of this thing will be better than it’s beginning.


Those who hear my Words and do them are like the wise who built their home upon the Rock. The rain descends, the floods come, the wind blows and beats upon the house and still, it does not fall. Those who hear what I have said and don’t engage and believe are foolish and great will be their fall.


Fear not, I will help you. I have declared the end from the beginning. I will perform my promises to you. Rejoice in hope, you are the child of an architect. For every house is built by someone, but the builder and maker of all things is God. Eagerly wait for what you hope with anticipation and confidence. Faith is the substance of what you hope for, the evidence of what you cannot see.


Guard the gateway of your mind, shutting off the thoughts of fear, doubt, and unbelief. You must believe and not doubt, it’s your time to choose a blessing. Whatever is good, whatever is lovely, whatever is true and honorable think on these things.


I have good plans for you, plans to give you hope and a future. I have plans to prosper you, my plans are only for your good. Disconnect your agreement with everything negative, there is power in agreement. Trust my plans with all of your heart and I will help you make your dreams come true.


Believe that I have only good intentions for you, even against all hope, believe. Place every fear down at my feet and lean not on your own understanding. Partner with me to build the home of your dreams. What you think about now, will become the place where you will live. Let me be your first focus in all things, always keeping me as your first love. Those who hope in me will not be let down. You are coming into the place of your dreams, take my hand dear one and step in”.


Written by Dannette Garza

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