Pushing to Uncover


In the final stage of spiritual pregnancy, there is a burning urge to push in prayer to release what has been unseen. It is a time of euphoric wonder to be so close to seeing the mystery of what was hidden within materialize before your eyes.


As the waves of immense pay flow over you as contractions of this labor deepen.


The Father says,


“This is the uncovering of the birth, lean into me, your power source and push the supernatural out. The revelation of my word will manifest, like the air that has become a visual mist. Come boldly to my throne, not being shy with my gifts. Run headlong into my arms, to celebrate the rescue of seeing what I have said.


I take the side of the victims to make their dreams come true. This is the birthing of your dreams that I have given to you. My Word vaults across the skies like fire to melt away the ice of unfulfillment. The revelation of my presence is whole and will pull the scattered pieces of promises together, into a masterpiece of a full painting that has been uncovered.


I make my angels winds and my ministering servants flames of fire to synchronize my blessings pouring out to you. The persistent prayer of your strain will move the promises through. Before you even called, I have answered you. Do I give the moment of birth and not give delivery? Press into to me as a point of contact to birth what I have promised you.


The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much. I have revealed to you my will, so that when you pray you will not doubt. Believe that I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek me out. You will have your prayers when you believe that I will do what you ask. Believe that when you speak, I move at the sound of your voice.


The labor of pushing is to pray. Go low and focus. Be long-suffering in intersession until the completion of the birth. Pray until you see the sign, get down and push, even seven times. From the time that you decided to humble yourself in prayer, an answer was given.


Pray expectantly as my favored child. Know who you are. You are a joint heir with Christ and the apple of my eye. Don’t let go until something moves. Those who wait upon me will receive the power from on High. Don’t lose heart or be discouraged, this is the final push. Prayer is like inhaling my presence and releasing it into the atmosphere. You are birthing a miracle out. 


Come to my throne to claim what is legally yours, present your case to the judge. There is justice reserved for my elect who cry out before me day and night. You are releasing a miracle, thrusting out the head. Call out your rights, you have been given a signed check. Call in your authority, commanding a release. Decree over your womb the faithfulness of my Word.


I will not delay to answer you. I am the ever-present help for your time of need. As the rain and snow come down from heaven and do not return without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish. My Word will not return to me empty, it will accomplish the purpose for which I sent it.


See how I move out of nowhere, suddenly the rain of my presence will come. Hold firm to what I said, push through your circumstance. Push with all of your heart, I am not a man that I should lie or a son of man to change my mind. Be confident to stand upon my Word as the Rock of your foundation.


True to my Word, breathe through Me. You will experience my security, seated in the palm of My hand. Those who trust in me will not be disappointed. Your hope is pressing you into the promise. Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all of your days. You can count on Me.


Push through the pain, the birth is empowering you with strength. The travail of labor is the evidence of the approaching delivery. Prayer is the gateway to new life, as you lock your eyes with me. You are a conduit of my presence. Pushing will ease the pain and speed you into fulfillment. Through the burning, push and bear down for an immediate release.


Pray the baby down, receive the joy of the uncovering and an encounter with my love. You will see in full what you have known only in part. Each wave of pain has been bringing you to the shore of my manifested Glory. You will have a spiritual encounter as you enter a time unprecedented splendor. The revelation is uncovering you to see what was hidden all along. It will be like seeing me face to face, as you unwrap the gift of prophecy.


Hold onto me and pray. Push through the agony. My spirit is pouring out with the release. Angels are in your midst to rejoice and sing. See the Shekinah Glory. A baby will be born. The cavern of your heart will flood with Joy as you see the hidden baby come into the light. The promise that was conceived inside will be uncovered. Push into me for the sudden release”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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