A Time to Dance

A love letter from Jesus. 



“I will save the day and bring joy to your home. I care about even the smallest details of your life, your prayers have been a sweet incense to me, rising up from the sacrifice. The morning light will bring the manifestation of my unfailing love.


Let your heart be of good courage, you are free to run with endurance. To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to mourn and a time to dance. I am over the mountains of your life. Dance with me my love. Your faith has moved my heart. 


I will make a way in the wilderness and streams will cascade into the desert. My love will pour out of your heart, causing your desert to bloom. A deep provision is within you, a love harvest so dear.


If you hold onto me, I will get you out of these troubles. I will give you the best care if you trust me to take care of you. I will rescue you and lead you to dance and crown your head with jewels. Do not fear the mountains in the distance, I will take care of them too.


The mountains will shudder in my presence. I cover the face of the full moon with my cloud. I will make everything right and restore you. Making everything beautiful in My time. I lift the poor from the dust, to give them a seat of royalty and honor.


By the wind of my Spirit, the heavens were made fair. I crown the mountain peaks with snow and scatter rose petals along the path. I walk straight into the ocean and no one can see when I come or go.


Keep your eyes open for me. Be expecting me to show up. Watch for my works and my miracles to suddenly spring up. Brace yourself, something is about to take place. Suddenly I will take you to drink from the brook of my promises of love.


Take my hand and dance with me. I will keep you light on your feet in a place of wonder. In single twirl, I will wrap you in my goodness. When one door closes, a bigger one will open up. Thank me for my marvelous love and miracles of mercy. When you called out to me in a desperate time, I had already established to save you in the nick of time.


I gave you my Word and I won’t take it back. As high as the heavens are over the earth, so strong is my love for you. The vision is a message, pointing to what is coming. It can hardly wait. It is on the way and right on time. I will do it. Stand before me with loyal and steady believing.


Orchestrating my plan, the skies are blazing with my splendor to break through with the dawn, exploding with my redeeming love. The sun and moon stop in their tracks to bow before my Majesty. See yourself through my eyes. Take heart and gain strength, my love will save the day. Dance with me and leave your troubles behind.


I will never leave your side, there is no mountain that is too high. There is nothing in your path that will not bow down and move before my boundless love. The festive angels sing. You are my chosen treasure. Allow my joy to be your strength, I have already given you my approval. My answer is Yes and Amen. Give your problems to me and rest in my love. My favor crowns your head. It is time to rejoice. You have the victory. In a moment, like a crashing wave, your situation will change. Shake off your worries and dance the night away, until the shadows flee and the morning rises with your heart’s delight”. 


Written by Dannette Lynn

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