Treasures of Travail

In the travail of birth, comes the pushing stage. Often human labor will carry the woman past her natural threshold of pain. The position of birthing a promise can change everything. Staying bowed low, let the gravity help remove the weight of the pain. In humility, pray and cry out to God. The Lord is Sovereign and longing to take the burdens away.


Pushing is a time of painful agony, mental and physical exertion. At times, the suffering of heartache too. The pushing stage requires all of your strength. Birth travail can be exhausting and uncomfortable. The contractions can be especially long and forceful. Coming on like a rogue wave, twice the size of the surrounding waves. Yet the pressure means that you are almost there, you are so very close. You have finally reached the end.


Birthing a promise is like creating a Diamond, of pressure on all sides. The pressure is used prepare you for the destiny that you were chosen for. The pressure can come all at once and from every side.


When it’s time to push, a smooth passageway exists. Contractions may lesson before you get the urge to push. Take this time to rest before pushing, because pushing will take all of your strength. As you push this promise out, you are no longer just under the receiving of pain, but you are pushing out a release.


A burst of energy will occur, as you realize how close you are to the birth. In the natural rhythm of the push, you are finally able to release what has been built up. Allow yourself to bear down with the travail of birth with cries and groans, giving it all to God.


The Lord stands with open arms, ready to take your burdens up. The delivery of your birth is in the treasure room. This is what He says,


“You are my anointed one, who has overcome the fire, withstanding the heat and pressure. I have made you strong, to tread and conquer all that was before you. I have opened up the double gates of favor that shall never be shut. Come, bring your weariness to me and I will give you rest.


Place all of your anxieties in my hand and lay down every burden on your shoulders. Completely rest in my ability to work out every problem that you face. Lay the ashes and sorrow of yesterday, down on my altar. My Holy flames will cause you to rise again into new beauty. 


I know just what I am doing. Choose to trust who I am for you. I am always good. You are almost there. Let worship fill your heart and spill out into your words. Fear and faith cannot both stay. You cannot always be torn in two. You are whole and free from worry and anxiety. What was stolen and lost will be restored to better than you had before.


I will give you the treasures of obscurity and treasures out of the birth travail. I will also give you secret riches that have been stored up in safe places. I have given you an honorable name and I will fill it up, you are blessed to be a blessing.  I will give you treasures from my Heavenly depository, treasures that will not fail, where I have given protection from an approaching thief or a moth that destroys.


So much anguish that you didn’t expect, in the intensity of this labor. You don’t understand where you are going, but I can see the end from the beginning. Though you may feel that I brought you back empty, You will be filled up. Suddenly, all the pain will be over and the most valuable treasures will be birthed.


Had you not went down the broken road, you may have never encountered the love of your Redeemer. I will take care of you and you will find rest in me. I will rescue you and restore the losses that were impoverished. Your reward will be full, under my wings you have taken refuge. I am your shelter in the storm of labor and forevermore.


Trust me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Babies don’t come forth without travail, always pray and do not faint. I am Greater still. Lay your burdens down and surrender the need for it to make sense. Let go of all control and lay down in rest in me, in ultimate trust and intimacy. I will make your paths straight and I will make a way. The gates of brass are broken and I have cut down the bars of iron.


No longer will you toil and labor, but you will rest and enjoy the produce of your Harvest. Small tokens of kindness that you planted years ago are coming into a full return. Some seeds you didn’t even notice that you dropped into the ground to serve others through a labor of love. A multitude of seeds from the past are springing up as answered prayers for you now. 


Let my peace fill your heart, abide in me. Let’s finish this birth together. From the deepest place of pain, I will open up a treasure. Travail in labor, cry out, give the weight to me. Cast all your anxieties to me and let my peace give you rest. You are only a few pushes away and your promise will be birthed. Have faith that you will soon see what I have promised.


 I have summoned you by name and I have chosen you for honor. The travail of birth will unearth the buried, stored up treasures. The treasures of darkness that I have hidden for you in safekeeping. You are going to be amazed by my goodness.


Push to believe, refuse to take on doubt. Push to see the promise, push the baby out. Push in prayer, until the baby is pushed through. In a sudden moment, the pain will be completely over. Joy will fill your heart as you hear the newborn cry of your prophetic baby. You will forget the pain that was suffered, because of the joy of your new birth. All pain will end and you will enter a new beginning”




Written by Dannette Garza

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