Justice is at Hand

A love letter from Jesus to those who have suffered injustice. 

I come as Justice, the glory of God prevails. My spirit is not restricted. Out of my mouth, I release my Word, to do good to those who trust in me. I will gather my children and I will pass before them into victory and freedom. My Love never fails.


You are entering a time of my wonders. Many who were in labor shall give birth to promise. The prophetic word of the eagle has landed, having sharpness in her mouth. The word is carved out of my pure love to save the day. I have no rival, there is nothing higher than me. My love is Sovereign over all and my word will not disappoint you. I am faithful and true. 


Instead of shame, you will have double honor, instead of confusion you will rejoice in my peace. For I, THE LORD hate robbery and love justice. As the earth brings forth its bud, as the garden causes things that are sown to spring forth, so I will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth out of your suffering. You will sing and laugh because your hope will not disappoint you.


I am the Prince of Peace. Rest in my goodness. This is a time to step close and trust me again. Keep your eyes closed to what you see happening in the natural, only have confidence in my Word, for it will be suddenly fulfilled. Nothing can stop my word or separate you from my love. What I have purposed will happen, the false will not remain.


Having a baby is full of pain, suffering, and beauty. Push yourself in FAITH through the squeezing contractions and deeply rest in my Promise. Contractions get stronger and closer together the nearer you are to the birth. It is an intense time of not knowing how far you must go on, but then suddenly the baby is born and the memory of pain disappears.


I have placed justice in your womb, what I have spoken will be fulfilled. I am your rock and your deliverer, who is like THE LORD? The earth trembles and shakes, I am coming to the rescue. I have opened the door for you. Smoke goes up from my nostrils and a devouring fire from my mouth. I fly on the wings of the wind. My eyes are like fire and my feet like brass. Out of my mouth comes the two-edged sword. My love will never fail. My countenance shines like the sun in its full strength, there is nothing higher than the Lord Jesus Christ. The government is on my shoulders, I will fight for you and you shall hold your peace.


Think only of good things, lay back and see how my story unfolds. I have good plans, let go and you will see. I am a shelter for those who trust me. I will have my way in the whirlwind and the storm, the clouds are the dust of my feet. What I have spoken will be born, soon you will see.


Evil is overcome with love and a child will be born. My plans will manifest and break apart many sorceries. Like Christmas morning, coming out of the valley of troubles, fears will be turned into hope-filled dreams coming true. I am the God of Miracles and I am always with you.  Hope does not disappoint because my love is being poured out. Like a flood, my love will drown the spiders out.


Clear the way for me by coming back to simple trust. Use your faith stay in a place of expectancy. Keep your eyes on my promises and watch the shadows fall away. Trust is what makes you brave. Remember what I have promised. Heaven and earth may pass away, but word will remain. I give you my peace to rest in security and safety. Justice is at hand.


Let your heart not be troubled or afraid. I am THE LORD in majesty, ABIDE in me. Nothing can separate you from my love and my love will never fade. It is stronger than any force. Believe again, my child in your promise, because soon you will see it face to face. Every lie is coming unraveled, the TRUTH is coming to light”.



Written by Dannette Garza



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