Safe and Sound


A ship sailing finds a storm, in the place where two kingdoms meet. Like prisoners held captive, the children of God’s Kingdom had their hearts gripped with fear and dread. The adversary was prowling like a lion to devour, giving thoughts on bad news and false dreams of a negative report. The adversary attempted to lure the children of Promise onto a ship meaning, ‘I shall abide in death’. His only power was in agreement and using the confessions of their mouth. The adversary’s plans will surely fail and the children of Promise will be safe and sound. 


 Jesus has a good plan, as the King and overcomer of all darkness. Through their journey, the children sailed under the blossom of His love. Love bears all things, love always believes and hopes. Love will not fail these children of the Lord.


Jesus brought the children to a fair haven of a report that was beautiful and good. The maker of the Promise is faithful to fulfill His word. It looked as though the children were doomed for destruction when they saw the negative report of the natural world. Because the winds were contrary to the Promises, they started to lose their hope.


There arose against them a tempestuous wind causing violent agitation and raising mighty waves. The ship was exceedingly tossed with tempest, neither sun nor stars appeared. Yet in their heart, the seed of faith was planted and the children remembered the hope from the Promise maker.


The children of Promise cast their anchor of Hope out of the stern and decided to hope in the Good report of the Lord. Giving thanks to God, they began to pray for the day and continued to eat His word. They committed their hearts to seek the light of God’s face. From the ship of their circumstances, they loosed the rudder bands and raised up the mainsail of Faith to the wind. They swam towards Jesus in the spirit of prayer and this is what He said;


“Be of Good Cheer! I have a good plan for your life. Fear not, there will be no loss of life. Just close your eyes to your circumstances and believe for only good. The enemy gives contrary thoughts seeking to establish an agreement, that he can steal, kill and destroy. Resist your adversary and he will flee away. Be impetuous to quickly cast down a negative thought.


Don’t receive a bad report. Instead, speak my good news of Promise. My word is alive and powerful. A good outcome and a good report, speak only good things. Call those things that are not, as though they are. Keep proclaiming those things until they manifest.


The tongue is a powerful force, creating life or death. Like a ship for example, although they are very large and driven by the strong winds, they are steered by a small rudder. Wherever the pilot wants to go, the ship will also follow. The tongue is like the rudder that moves the direction of the ship.


What you think will come out as your words, so think only what is lovely and pure. Think on only a good report. The light was created by my creative voice, the light manifested when only darkness was there. The creative power and authority of my life giving force is within you. Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it already.


You are a true prophet of the Lord, who is highly respected. Every word that you speak will come to pass.


Cast every worry on me, leave your burdens at my feet. Come to me and rest in my Sozo salvation. I will keep you safe and sound and rescue you from danger and destruction. I will give rest, it takes faith to rest in me and trust in my word.


Rest in my Promise, for I am gentle and humble in heart. You will find rest from all of your burdens, as you lay your cares upon me. I am your salvation and the author and finisher of your faith. I will save the suffering one from perishing and heal the afflicted soul. Return to your place of safety and Hope in me without fail.


From your suffering, I will repay you twice the amount of blessings than you had before. I have opened the hand of the door to release you from your burdens. Instead of fear, you will swim in the ocean of my pure love. I came that you would have life abundantly. Your joy comes from the good news that I bring and your joy will be your strength”.


And so it came to pass, that every single prisoner of fear escaped onto safe land. The children of Promise believed and confessed the good plans of the Lord. They broke every agreement that they had unknowingly made with fear and death. The Lord Jesus broke them free and delivered them from the ship of death. 


The Lord will do what He said and complete what He has Promised. Believe only the good report and cast the negative down. You will see the fulfillment of the Promises of the Lord. In the clashing kingdoms, the victory will be yours. You will not die but live and proclaim the works of the Lord!




Written by Dannette Garza


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