A Note to the Outsider

“To my outsider,


Peering through the window, I see you looking in. So many others have been called before you, always passing you by. As you watch them rise, so many questions fill your heart. Deep down inside you know that you have a big destiny to fill. I have implanted my plan of greatness in your heart. Sometimes you battle if it is even right for you to want to fly high, but then I remind you of my plan for your life. Your wondering if you will ever fit in? As you wander through life, waiting for your turn to arise. Yet you are not like others, you have been separated, at best. Being so different, you are set apart from the rest. For so long you have waited, feeling quite invisible it seems. Like one who has been undesirable, when no one really gets who you are. ‘Who am I?’, you wonder, as you struggle to understand why you always seem to be the outsider looking in. No matter how hard you try, you could never quite fit in.


Yet I knitted together every detail of your being before you were born, I set you apart as my elite. Although you feel unnoticed, you are about to rise up. From the bottom to the top, you will rise and not stop. Being different is what I will use to cause you to fly. The enemy made you feel rejected because he saw the call upon your life. You are a star in my hand and I will set you up high. In this time of being an outsider, your heart was made pure in my eyes. We came close together, as we bonded as one. Through the purity of separation, I have trained you to hear my voice.

I have awakened you morning by morning, I awaken your ear to hear as the learned. I prepared you with a tongue of prophecy, to give a word in season to the weary. Where you thought that you were unwanted was your training ground. Like a secret weapon, I have saved you until now. From your mother’s womb, I have called you and made your mouth like a sharp sword of my word. Going unnoticed was actually your time of being in the shadow of my hand. Like a locked up garden, I have hidden you for safety. When I open the gates in your life, I will expose your sweet fragrance and draw others in.

Before you even speak, I know your thoughts afar off. In the solitude, you wonder if I have forgotten the call. Can a mother forget her nursing child? Even if she did, I could never forget you. Oh my star, do you know who you are? If you could see what I see and the beauty you hold inside, you would never again question the path of your life. If you knew how big your calling was, you couldn’t even believe me if you tried. Through your life, I will be glorified. Like a star, you are rising to the very top. Your heart has been in refining, to test you and see if you would keep me as your first love. Now you are ready to take flight into your prepared destiny. You are my devoted one, you will always lean close to me.

Every moment of your life is before my eyes, the time is coming soon that you will be flying high. Those who have wounded you with insults will come back hoping to be your friend. Those who have cast you out will come back to apologize. As my streaming light comes over your life, there will be nowhere to hide. My hand will be lifted from being over you, as you come to the light. I will shine my light all around you for the world to see just how captivating you are. With a servant’s heart, you will lead others to know me.

Kings and queens, those who have much influence, will notice you. I will place them in your path to help you make your way to where I am calling you. Because you have suffered much and have been acquainted with abuse, you will be clothed with compassion for others who are needing mercy too. I can trust you with the feeble hearts because in the secret place I have been preparing you.

Do not be afraid of man, who will someday die. Rest your life in my hand and know that you are safe in my eyes. I am always by your side. For a time such as this, I have created you as my star. I will help you and we will never be apart. Instead of shame, you will have double honor as a reward. I am the Lord who divided the sea whose waves thundered and roared. I have put my words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of my hand.

I am gathering those who I have been holding back, to release into my glory. From the bottom, you are rising up with my favor as your wings. My light will shine upon you and it will never stop. You will ride the wave of my Spirit up to the tippy top. Swiftly this glory train will bring an end to the wait. It was being different all along, that I used to elevate. Do you know who you are? You are my favorite one. My beloved, my child who has captivated my heart. I will use you to display my beauty, with brightness you will shine like a star. You are not an outsider anymore, rather you are the treasure of my heart. Let your light shine, my beautiful star. For now, I will reveal how spectacular you are.



Your Daddy God”



Written by Dannette Garza

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