It’s a Good Surprise, Don’t Believe the Lies

A series of unfortunate events, the plot thickens yet. The destination of your dreams, looking far from over. Yet I see the wheat, almost white and ready for harvest. Don’t believe what you see happening, it is like a smoke screen for your eyes. The word of God planted has been growing, the harvest has almost come. Immediately, as the wheat ripens, it will be your time to reap what was sown.

Although the plans of darkness seem to be growing. Like smoke in the wind, they will be carried away. They are only a phony illusion, a trickery of to twisted lies. Don’t feel defeated or dwell over your mistakes. Even at the times of failure, your faith and wonder have moved Father’s, heart. He has already gone before you, knowing every word you would say and move you would make. He made provision and blessing around it, always He goes ahead. So really, it was not a mistake at all, because Father always has His hand on you. He is a God of details and He is very interested in your life.

He is there around every corner, watching the moves that you make. Like Hide N Seek to a child, He hopes for you to see His face and know the intentionality of His love. With a sparkle in His eyes, He looks at you, like a Father to His child. He fills your heart with wonder to cause your dreams to look like His. His Good gifts are raining down, it will be like Christmas day to a child. A child who believes that Papa has him on His mind. Out of intentional purpose, He has personally prepared each gift, sealed with the fulfilling of His promise.

As the day arrives, you see what He has promised. Forgetting all pain, you will spin, filled with wonder at the Father’s surprise. This journey of faith was all about learning of the intentional love of the Heavenly Father. No need to ever be afraid, God walks with you, to protect your every step. Walking in the cool of the day, He longs to be your friend. He has no worries, no problems arise as you go along. Going before you, He prepares the ultimate surprise to bring your hopes to life. It’s a reward of faith, a piling up of blessings, to finally see what you hoped for all along. What love is this? Who turns the thought of a disaster into the best day of your life? From tragedy to triumph, He is crushing the negative. Those who will wait on Him will be lifted up, to be made strong.

Looking out the window of hope, you press in to see the snowflakes fall. In the air, He is with you, smiling all along. The invisible Kingdom comes to light and finally you see, with your very eyes, the substance of your Faith. Full of wonder and surprise, every disappointment is forgotten.

Comfort comes over you like quilted p.j.’s on a chilly day and the days of warfare will finally pass away. The breath of God blows and moves the wickedness away. In a vehement flame, chariots of angels come to divide. Paths of deception and lies become straight, as the truth comes to light. The flower fades away, in all of its beauty, and yet the word of the Lord will remain. Echoes of fear and dread, are crushed under the feet of Jesus, arriving in His manifested Glory. He comes riding in on Justice, the foundation of His throne, to bring good tidings of Joy.

He comes with a strong hand, in a moment, He brings the wicked house down. His arms are loaded up with rewards of faith, for those who have refused to quit, their hope was in Him. He gathers His little lambs and gently leads those with young. Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, or measured Heaven as a span? There is not one like Him, no one can stand. He has no rival, nothing can stop His plan. The deep waters and testing fires, only caused your faith to grow. All along, His plans were to reveal Himself and show you how much you are loved.

He has taught you how to trust, so much more is coming, much more than you have planned. You have grown up strong, you are ready to enter your promise. Your roots grew deep inside Jesus, this was a journey of wonder, to move by faith and not by sight and discover who He is. Never mind the details, look at the joy in His eyes. With a sparkle and a smile, He prepares your big surprise! It is a harvest full of wonder, like Christmas to a child. The illusions are fading way, and yet His Word will always stand. What He has promised you was a gift, to never be taken away. It is already yours, so forget anything that stands in the way. God is coming with a strong arm, to turn each problem around and carry you into the wonderful blessings of His unexpected surprise!



Written by Dannette Garza

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