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So, what is Ready to Release the Rain?


When I first started to tiptoe into the prophetic ministry, the Lord blessed me to study from Graham Cooke’s prophetic training books. Within one of his books that I had read, there was a prophetic word about being a person of His “rain”. In this word, Graham spoke of a person who brought the rain of God’s presence with them every where they went. It was always raining! My faith was so stirred by this prophesy, that I claimed it as my own and there no negotiating it. That was my heart’s desire, I believed that God wrote that prophesy just for me. To make sure that God knew that I was serious about receiving this word, I had a friend over to witness me claiming this word, as I read it out loud. I even wrote down the word and dated it.

Ever since that day, I envisioned that rain represented the release of the Holy Spirit. There were times when I would get so deep into worship, that I would see and feel rain coming down in the room. Sometimes the water would be so deep, it looked like the entire church was worshiping in the ocean. I would often pray that to the Lord, to bless me to release the rain of his presence.

God was not distant from me that day and He heard my decree. Father loved that I even dated the word with a witness to make it official. Not because I had to do that, but because He loves a determined heart to seek Him. In knowing my heart so personally, He created a book just for me, in honor of that special day that He spoke to me. He wanted me have my heart’s desire fulfilled to release the rain of His spirit and now He is spreading that promise to others, who are hungry to go deep and release the rain of His presence.


Ready to Release the Rain is a prophetic love letter internship to prepare true prophets of purity of the Father’s heart for their personal ministry work. This course targets the training of writing love letters from the Father’s heart. These love letters are rich in anointing and are weapons of mass destruction. God’s love has the power to heal, transform or change any person. By releasing love letters from God, we are able to release his love to heal others through the rain of His spirit of liquid love. Those who release the rain of the spirit are like conduits of God. These conduits are pure vessels who have dedicated themselves to knowing the heart of God, for the Holy Spirit to flow through. To walk in this anointing requires purity in heart and soul.


This book gives an inside glimpse of the training that Holy Spirit has given to me and I will also share secrets and tips that God has revealed to me personally.  Participants of this program will have the option of doing an internship of 30 activations, which are included at the back of the book and can be repeated at any time. The activations are uniquely created to activate your prophetic gifts and to bring healing to the soul and generational lines. There are wonderful impartations used in this program. I will share that this program requires a generous amount of faith to believe in the unseen realm of the spirit. The good news is that as you partake in the program, your faith will enlarge and grow stronger. The only limit is set by you.


This program is very different from most and is best suited for those who have chosen in their hearts to be set apart to God. The more you choose to engage in the activations, the quicker you will become ready to release the pure flow of the prophetic anointing. The love letters that you will be trained to write will be like dipping your pen in the Gold of God’s Glory.


This course is very hands on and those who engage in the program will experience techniques to use over and over again to bring healing to their soul and to become well equipped to stand on a high prophetic platform. This course can be done self paced, to suit your availability.  Those who come into this program are chosen, like lilies of the field to share what only they can. If God has called you into this internship, then I pray that He will quicken your heart to know that this has been planned for you by Him. I look forward to seeing you bloom into all the beauty that God has created you to be!


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