Taking Your Dreams


Please enjoy this word from Father. On the mountain of the Lord, it shall be provided.


“Like a seed, your provision is planted. Day by day, it grows, as you believe. It is the substance of your faith. First the blade, then the head, and then the full grain of the head. Immediately, when your faith ripens, I will put in the sickle, because your harvest has come.

The promise is ready when you believe the word is more real than what you can see. Behind it, all is the Holy Seed of Jesus in the stump. As a terebinth tree or an oak, whose stump remains when it is cut down, Jesus is your sanctuary to rest in his Miracle power. He will be the light for a fire, a Holy Flame. He will burn down the briers and thorns in one day.

Never thinking from a place of lack, the one who has ALL things of the Kingdom is living inside of you. Live from your promise and not to it. In my mind, it has already been done. Where I take you, trust that I will also provide all that you need. The word becomes true when you really believe it has been done. Entering first through the mind, begin to declare it over you.

The word is here if you can receive it. Confess it until you can wear it as your own. Let everything else fall away and completely fall back into total trust in my word. When you believe and do not doubt, it will be done for you. I am waiting for you, rest in hope.

Start from the victory, the old has passed away. What is true is in the unseen, I declare the NEW over you today. Step into your promise, starting with your thoughts. Don’t allow your past lack or problems to hold you back any longer, the new has already been spoken, it has already been done. Jump into faith and grab hold of your dreams, don’t let them float on by.

You are not waiting for me, but I am waiting for you. Ownership from every promise starts from within. Take the first step and believe, my promise is a gift to you. Your declarations are more real than your circumstances. Declare that you already have what I have promised you. See only from what I have to give, withdraw from my unlimited provision, it is my delight to give my Kingdom to you. Receive it even now.

Nothing can stand against my intentional love for you. My love is rescuing you from your problems today. Stay rooted in HOPE, my word will not return to me void. In the fiery testing of your faith, let all you are trust me. You will bring your promises out as gold, the reward given to your hand. I will break down the gates of bronze. I have already gone before you. Your promise is your ticket of access.

I call you by name by my intentional purpose and plan for your life. My divine love for you is higher than any possibility, nothing is impossible with me. Rain down my Spirit on every seed planted and fill you with the budding promises through my righteousness. I the Lord have created it, your encounter is here.

I have created the earth and I formed the heart of man. I am the grand designer of your dreams and the writer of your fairy tale. You can have what you will believe, come up here with Me. Let your thoughts take you higher and higher, don’t ever look down. Set your sights on the unseen, on what I have said. As you believe, you will see my promises manifesting and blooming all around. Get lost in me and in my words. Live from heaven with me, what is mine is always yours. You have full access to ALL that you need, my name has already been signed.

Your decree has been stamped with approval, I will send the rain of my spirit to cause the rainbow to glow. As you come further out from the waves of doubt, you will step onto the sandbar of ease through total trust and belief in what I have said. Reach through the salt water of the spirit and take out what you will believe. Pull out your promises by FAITH, reach out and grab your DREAMS, that your JOY may be full”.



Written by Dannette Lynn