Two Hearts Beat as One

A letter to the one waiting on true Love. 


Long before your heart taught your feet to dance, God was creating a plan just for you. Like a Good Father, He used His paintbrush of love to create a colorful picture just from His heart to yours. It was not good that you were alone, so He made a partner just for you, a helper and a friend. Not only will this love be unbreakable, but it is a Kingdom ordained ministry. There is nothing stronger than love, it is the most powerful force.


This one would be a perfect fit, to match the tattoo of your personality and the frame of the intricate details of your heart. This unity is a shield of faithful devotion and love. Deep down inside there was a longing for the other part of this missing picture to come into it’s fitted place.


God placed His beloved child in a deep sleep, while He crafted this unity of deep love. Like a river too deep to separate, nothing can stop this plan of love. In the deep sleep, both the man and woman were given a vision as a sign of this covenant promise. In the supernatural dream, this rainbow would often appear to bring hope to the discouraged soul.This was the bow that would shoot the arrow of God’s unfailing word directly into the bleeding heart.  As we are created in His resemblance, this love story is a reflection of His heart too. Father has played the cupid to bring out the heart’s desire just for you.


Behind the scenes, there was a drama unfolding, as the plot thickened with great intensity. A dark enemy was working with relentless diligence to stop what the Father was creating. This evil foe knew the power that would come when these two looked into each other’s eyes, both breathing for the love of their King. This was no ordinary love story, but this one was a weapon of love created by the Most Sovereign One.


Waters of love so pure and true were descending to your life through the stairway of heaven. The evil enemy tried to curse this love and freeze it into ice. Yet this love of God is a vehement flame and will surely melt the ice away. As the Son stoops down for a kiss, His true love power has broken this curse. He knows the plans He has for you and they are plans for good. Nothing can ever separate you from His love and this love story is part of that plan for you.



Surely what God has purposed will become, let no man separate what God has joined as one.



God is sending out the wind to dry the waters of opposition away. His voice is singing in the wind, Arise my beloved and come away. For the winter is past and the spring is near. The sound of love is singing in the air, a sweet sound to the Lord. The waters are receding and the curse is reversed that tried to kill the true love beating in both hearts. This is the place where the heart will finally find rest and embrace its other half.


So much impossibility, so far away it seems. Yet the ash is manifesting from the fire, even though the flames are unseen. This one will show up unexpected, as the love awakening. The door is opening, the two hearts will join in unison, as the husband is given the wife to be a crown upon His head.


The seed that the Farmer has planted is sprouting up to bring life. Into the nostrils of man, He breathed life. The negative events unfolding were only used to rapidly bring about the perfect alignment of this love story made just for you. God knows all things and He knew what was going to come. No attack against you was unnoticed by Him, only He used it to increase the blessing He is giving to you. This is a love story that has been Holy and set apart for him. This is a story of the Power of God’s Salvation.


Love is awakening, as night turns to morning.As a mother comforts her child, God will also comfort you. He will take the pain that you have had a broken heart and turn it into the beauty of rose petals to carry the scent of true love.


As love is awakened, both will look into each other’s eyes and see the flame of love on the inside. The two hearts will beat as one. Together they will walk hand in hand, joined by the perfection of the Father’s Love. 


Written by Dannette Garza