Positioned for Promotion



In times you have been mistreated and have suffered under a dominant force. Restricted, confined and isolated….was all part of the process. Running to be free, you have tried to run away. For a time I sent you back onto that difficult path, though you did not understand.

It was not to torment you but to prepare you and nurture your heart for the bigness ahead. I have heard your affliction.

What you have lost will be restored to you seven times over. It may look like you are in a dry and empty space, but I will open your eyes to see the provision that I have held for you all along. From where you stand, your life may look like a dead and dried up tree, but if you enter the secret door of my Kingdom, you will see it is full of beauty and majesty.

This broken road leads to dreams come true. Trust me. Even now you may wonder why I have dealt bitterly with you. But oh no my Love….I am taking you on the narrow path. You will walk through this tunnel that I have created and it will Suddenly open up into the expanded promotion and honor that I have been so eager to give to you!

It is a new day, I am doing something NEW.

Resist looking back to the small and insignificant ways. The cave where I grew you was dark, cozy, with many protective layers. But the time is coming where I will break the cave and set you up to the light.

And if your heart is afraid of the bigness that I have for you and the exposure that I give you, remember that you are always safe with me. Resist the urge to be hidden in insignificance. But trust me, as I take you out of hiding and into the LIGHT.

On my great mountain, I will hold your hand and be with you always. I am the restorer of your life. Have courage on this new tightrope of risk. I am always going to catch you, I will never let you fall. I will not fail you.

As the trees of the woods move with the wind, I will move with you. We will be lovers who are as one.

Peace is your portion and Satan has been crushed. You are safe because you are walking with the Prince of Peace and the Everlasting Father. My perfection and faithfulness will be your bodyguard.

The enemy has tried to keep you from the Royal heritage and high place I have ordained for you. With trickery and deceit, he has tried to steal your name and your crown. He has tried to exalt himself over you and stand in your rightful place from me. He has partnered with wounded pride, but it is his time to FALL from your life. He will regret ever messing with you, touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. 

I have overthrown his plans and placed a crown on your head. The time is coming and has now come for your placement on high. In your new name is my PEACE. In my Peace are Power and Prosperity. The increase of my peace shall be no end. I form light and I make peace. Rest in my peace.


You will forgive those who have hurt you and give an offering of generous kindness. Those who hurt you were positioned to play a part in your exalted fame in me, through your humbled heart, you have been promoted.


I have firmly established my promises to you, they will not be moved.


 I have positioned you to receive my treasures that have been planted for you since before you were born. This is your time to shine. I will do according to your words because you have set your heart to seek me first. Your heart seeks to please only me. I will give you both riches and honor; as well as a wise and understanding heart.

I will even give you what you have not asked for, things that your soul delights in. But keep your heart towards me always, as your first love. Positioned with undivided devotion. I will take you into a deep sea plunge to swim in the waters of my love. You will be quenched. You will be FULL.

Be one with me always, as I am one with you. Love me first and all that you set in your heart will be yours. Instead of emptiness, you will be overflowing with my Joy. ‘Who is the man that fears the Lord? He shall him teach in the way that He chooses. He himself shall dwell in prosperity and his descendants shall inherit the earth.

The secret of the Lord is with those that fear Him, and He will show him His covenant’ (Psalm 25:12-14).

My PROMISE is forever yours”.


Written by Dannette Garza

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