The Stolen Crown


Once Upon a Time, in a Faraway Land, there was a bride who was chosen to marry her King.

But an evil witch wanted her land of promise. She said, ” I will take the fruit of the garden that was given to her”.

The witch used trickery and deceit to steal her crown of inheritance. Over and over she told the Princess that she was worthless and with her evil lips she said, “you are not a child of God and you are not from his royal family”.

The wicked witch carried her out of the place of righteousness in her heart to the cold outer land. With stones of accusation, she planned to slaughter her to death and steal her Crown of Glory that her Father had placed on her head.

Now the girl was battered and bruised and covered in fear. With dirt in her hair, she let go of her confidence and all self-worth and into the valley of weeping she went. She saw herself as dirty and yet she knew she was still lovely.

Yet there was nothing that could separate her from her father’s love and her heart was beating violently inside of her chest as she felt his warm love healing her broken heart.

Then the king came. He wrapped her broken pieces into his arms and he carried her into his chambers of love. In the most tender voice, he said to her,

” I see no spot in you, my love, my dear one. Can you feel my love? You are the righteousness of God Through Me, Jesus Christ and I have come to give to you an inheritance and an eternal key to my Kingdom of Glory.

Rise up out of the ash Heap my lovely bride and Come Away With Me. Come out of your hiding place and let my light warm your face with tender Mercy. You are soft and lovely with strands of jewels.

We will make your borders of Gold decorated with my Riches. I have chosen you to wear this crown. Our intimacy grows luxuriously with green life and my word Over You Is Love.

Open up your mind to receive all that I have won for you. As the rain comes down from heaven, to water the Earth and make the plants grow, so is my Word of Promise to you, it will not return to me void. I will establish you in Righteousness,  you shall be far from oppression,  you shall not fear anymore.

I will restore your comforts and you will go out with joy and dancing. Rise up my Love, my Pure One, and Come Away With Me.

Unite your heart to mine, for I have delivered your soul from the lowest hell. Oh how I love you, my beautiful one, my spotless Bride. Come away with me”.


Written by Dannette Garza

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