Until the time that she who is in labor has given birth, she believed.


As I waited and waited for a certain promise to come, the frustration grew inside me. Over and over, God would spin me around with another confirmation of the fulfillment of what He spoke. This hope was so powerful, that it left me in a place of expectation to see the arrival of this baby right away. This dance went on for years. Finally, I got mad at God for giving me hope. Even, I was mad at hope itself.

And I asked the Father, ‘Why do you get my hopes up? Don’t you realize how much this hurts me to hope for so long?’ What I didn’t realize was that I was in the furnace of the fire, the testing of the word within me and the testing of my faith. First, comes the prophetic word, then comes the fire of testing our faith. The most important thing to do in the furnace is to BELIEVE. We survive in the furnace by trusting in the 4th man, who is Jesus. Hope is the water that keeps us from burning up in that heat. Those who hope in the King, will not be disappointed.

The Lord showed me that Hope is what carried me to the promise. While I was waiting for the dream to be fulfilled, the word of God tested me. Hope is what carries us through the fire and waiting is what adds value to your promise. We go into the fire as ordinary, but we come out as Gold. There are no shortcuts in the process of being made into Gold. Hope is a supernatural power to fulfillment.


As you wait for what the Lord has spoken to come to pass, find rest in Hope. King Jesus says,


“Rest on your promise. I am always before you, so you will not be moved. In the night I have given you counsel of what will come so that when the light of morning breaks through, it will be done for you.


Your heart is glad as you rest in HOPE. The desire of the righteous will be granted,  it will not fail, when you have placed your hope in me. But the expectation of the wicked will come to nothing. Those who trust in me will be blessed. With the point of a Diamond, I have engraved my word on the tablet of your heart, although the word may take longer than you like, wait for it, because it will truly come.


You have permission to dream and float upon the hope that I have given you. Let your entire being rest in the hope of my word coming to pass.


In the fiery furnace, the word I have promised you has been testing your faith. The one who has placed their hope in me and trusts in me with all their heart will not feel the flame. They will be like a tree planted by waters, who will not fear when the heat comes. I have told you in advance, that you may believe and trust in me.


Let your heart rest in my word. Carry no burdens in your heart and do not worry, only trust me. As the King of your heart, I will bring the time of fulfillment. I will not allow what I have promised you to fall to the ground. It will come to pass, as long as you will believe. There is glory in the sufferings because suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope. Hope hard, hope wildly. This hope will not disappoint, as the waters of my love fill your soul and life to bring manifestation to every single promise”.





Written by Dannette Garza


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