You may be in an Emotional Storm


If you have been going through an emotional roller coaster lately, you may be in an emotional storm. Holy Spirit took me driving into a vision, where there was a storm happening to many people, through their emotions. He showed me that this was a storm sent by him. As I looked, I saw big strikes of blue and purple lightning bolts coming out of the storm clouds.


The target of this storm was the emotions of the soul. The purpose of this storm was to take those people DEEPER into him. This is just like the Psalm of David, “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me” (Psalm 42:7).

The waves and breakers of God’s spirit are going over these people to take them deeper and make them stronger in him. He showed me how there may be some in circumstances of being pressed. In the natural, this may look like doors shut all around and those people have been blocked in every direction. This is being used to press these people into their true DIAMOND form that God has created them to be.


Like Noah, God has shut them in all around and the waters of his spirit have been going through the emotions of the soul to heal the soul wounds and grow them into GREAT BIG FAITH MOVERS.

If this emotional storm has found you and you find yourself experiencing unusual moments of frustration, anger, sadness, excitement, and etc…..the place to go is the spirit to find shelter in Jesus. Also, allow God to deal with areas that he brings up. You may find that you were even angry at him and not even realizing it. As the Holy Spirit ministers to your soul, you will find yourself coming out of the wilderness leaning on your beloved.


It is in this storm that you will come out seeing who God is for you. The Lord showed me rocks that have been breaking off strongholds. He said to “keep swimming” in the spirit of faith. Keep declaring his promises over you. Keep believing that he is Good and that you can trust him with all that you have given into his hands. Keep counting on his faithfulness.

Though our timing may never align with his understanding of timing, we know that God will be through us who we believe him to be. So BELIEVE in his Goodness to you.

Lastly, I saw Jesus fill the entire length and height of the sky. He was so much bigger than this earth. Jesus was standing, with his arms stretched out and he was holding back the seas and parting the waters for you to walk through. He will do this for you!

As the deer pants for water, let your heart pant for God. Dive deep into him, go deeper than you ever imagined. Most of all, trust him. True love begins with trust. It may look impossible. It may have taken longer than you can stand. But you are almost there, keep swimming and see how the Lord moves to part the waters for you. Believe, even amidst the turmoil, believe that Jesus has set you free.



Written by Dannette Garza

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