Eye of the Storm


In the moments of chaos, you will be in peace. In the winds of adversity, you will find rest. In the bone-chilling coldness of spiritual warfare, you are in the Eye of the Storm. As lies go rushing past, like leaves blowing in the wind, you know that God is in control of the storm. Even as waters of crashing waves rise all around you, they will not come near you.

In the eye of the storm, Jesus is leading you into deeper intimacy than you have ever known. Even in those times of cracking to form the diamond in you, He is leading you to the waters of His love. In the ever precious breaking and deepest sorrow, you will birth joy.

It will go against all explanation, to why you have this joy….His joy. He is your lighthouse, your peace in the storm. Jesus has hidden you so deep in His heart of love, that all you can do is cry tears of joy for His love towards you.

Because of His intentional love to you, He has shown you the end of the story. You are standing at the point of breakthrough, and your heart is so glad to see it finally arrive. You have become so lost in Jesus, in His deep love, that there is nothing else you can see.

Joy is your portion, and in the Eye of the Storm, He is giving it to you. Oh, your heart dances in the storm because you can see the NEW GRASS of your promised land!

You are safe from the enemies all around you, because you have been hidden in the heartbeat of Christ. Your mind always knew that He has loved you, but in this hidden place, you will ENCOUNTER HIS LOVE, as you have never known before.

Who knew, that the best moment of your life thus far, would be found in the Eye of the Storm.


Written by Dannette Garza

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