Door of Hope


“Such a long and dark road you have traveled, through the valley of troubles. Even in the deepest part of these uncomfortable words, you have hope in me. What you have believed is correct, I am ever for you and I will not forsake you.


Through these troubles, I am opening up to you a door to those things you have hoped for. Just when you thought you were surrounded with dark gloom, I am opening a door to my radiant light! It’s time for a radical change. What appears to be moving in a distressing direction, will be turned around, as you place your trust and surrender all to me.


Talk to me, through the glass of the spirit. Tell me your problems and troubles and I will chase them all away. I am the breaking light coming to save the day. The big protects the little, like a Father to a child. I am the beginning and the end.


I am asking you to let go completely of every worry and dread, let go of possible negative outcomes and trust in me. Because I am turning this mess-up into a BLESS UP. All things are possible if you will believe.


As an eagle makes his home high up above the wolves and the foxes, likewise, let your thoughts be lifted up to my goodness. I AM FOR YOU! Beloved, I am for you! Trade your fears in for thoughts of my goodness for you. REST in my goodness.


I am bringing you GOOD tidings that will bring you great JOY!


As others have marked your name with labels of opinion, I have said that you are sons and daughters of the living God, my name is written on your forehead. Even when you have been unfaithful, I am forever faithful. I have led you down this wilderness path to show you my faithfulness.


Set your watch to see what I will do, as I open the door of hope with a surprise turnaround full of showers of blessings! Hidden treasures from me are crossing your path. Do not let fear keep you from picking them up. Like a beautiful seashell, there are double blessings inside, as you trust in me.


To know me and to know that you can count on me, you must also experience me. Be brave and courageous as you take a step to trust me and obey my voice. I am leading you to your land of promise…follow me to the open door of HOPE.

King of your Heart”


Written by Dannette Garza

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