Awaken to Love



“Open your heart to me my dear one. Let every wall of self-protection come crumbling down so that you can receive the fullness of my love for you.


I will blow my spirit of LOVE through the chambers of your heart and I will heal all of your wounds. Fear will no longer have a place with you, as your soul becomes flooded with the love of your Father.


True love will awaken, as the sleeping beauty is kissed by the Son. You will find yourself in a comforting blanket of my love all around you. All pain and worry will fade away. Instead, you will be ecstatic with the revelation of my love for you.


While you were sleeping, you were always hiding and on the run, never having a safe place to call home. But you will awaken to know the truth of my love for you and you will find your place of rest in me. No more striving, no more worry, only REST.


It will be my love running through you that will bring the lost back home. You are coming into the rivers of my love for you, as you open the gates of your soul to me.  


You will be deeply submerged into my river of love. I will take away all the sinful comforts that you have not been able to escape. Your hunger for love and protection will finally be quenched as you come into the enlightenment of my love for you. My light will shine into the darkness and fill every hungry and dry area with the infilling of my spirit.  


My GLORY will be revealed in YOU. It will be undeniable that you are mine, as I give you a GREAT vindication in the presence of your accusers. Twisted lies will become smooth and straight roads, running like milk to a baby.


I give you glory, honor, peace and the blessings of my goodness to you. You are a child of God and you will walk fully in your inheritance. My blessings of goodness will flow to you always. You have my FAVOR.


I call you out in COURAGE. Overcome the shadows of intimidation by trust-falling into my love. Let go of all pain and let me carry you HOME, into the security of my love for you. Forget the former things, the hurts that you have felt. Focus your heart on who you are in me. You are my beloved child, with you I am well pleased. Even when you fail, even when you sin, even when you run from me, I hold you in my everlasting arms of love.


My love is gentle, I will not force it upon you. Take the risk fully opening your heart to me to receive the freedom of my love. Come and take your seat upon the rock of Christ, in your rightful place. Choose this day to receive all that the cross has purchased for you. You have been given amazing grace”.


Written by Dannette Garza