Chasing Love



As you open the door, He stands there, dressed in white. His eyes are like pools of liquid love that warms your heart, like being bathed in sunlight. His smile captivates your attention as He speaks directly to the empty places of your soul. This one knows everything about you and yet He loves you unconditionally.


He is kind and gentle and He radiates a splendor of beauty unknown to your eyes ever before. In a voice saturated with loving kindness, He speaks,


“Through the window of your soul, I have watched you. Many times I have left a twinkle of My presence to show you I was here. Other times I have given you a glimpse of My face, as you read My living word.


I am Jesus, the Rose of perfect love. I will wrap you in My love, as a lover would embrace one who has stolen her heart. My embrace will comfort and remove every fear and all worry. My name is Faithful and True. There is no one who loves you as deep as I do, even in death, I give my life for you.


It is the fragrance of My presence that lingers in the air, leaving you looking for more of My love. Though your heart has been malnourished from lack of love, I will show you how much I love you. My love will fill every longing, you will be full and happy with My love. Nothing will ever separate you from My love.


I am beckoning you to follow Me and I will lead you to the banquet table of My love for you. Rest your head on Me for support, in your weakness I will be your strength. Come with Me in all trust and dependence. The grapes of your vine are tender and give off a sweet smell, the fragrance of love is in the air. It is time for you to be filled with the knowledge of My love.


Let the cold winds blow and your roots will grow deeper into Me as you cling. The spices flowing out the garden of your heart draw Me near. There is beauty in brokenness. Welcome the warm winds of comfort and blessings. Your praise releases aromatic delights that cause Me to dwell with you.


I am the well of living water that flows into your heart. The more you depend on Me and pursue Me, the more My fountain will spring up to nourish you with My perfect love. The more you seek Me, the more you find Me. The more you find of Me, the more you will know My love for you.


My innocent beauty, you have concealed yourself in My Stronghold. In the hiding places of My steps. Climb up to Me, the Rock of refuge and find rest from those who seek danger and violence against you.


Let me hear your voice. Speak your words to Me. Call me and take My hand to go deeper into knowing My love for you. Come away from what you know and look to Me to fill every desire and longing and need. Forget those who have abandoned you and left a loveless puddle of broken promises. I will be your everything. I am the true vine and you are My branch that drips with the sweetness of My love for you. Everything that you will ever need, I have to give to you.


I am the one who will always love you. Every detail about you holds My attention. Arise out of your sadness and follow Me. I will be your fountain of LOVE. Pursue my love through the open door. I will lift you up to be filled from the well of My love. You will not have to run to chase love any longer because you are COMPLETE IN MY LOVE”.



Written by Dannette Garza

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