You Will Receive Beauty and Favor

“In the distress of the enemy attacks, you will receive my favor. In all ways and at all times REST in my favor for you. 


Because you have my favor, even your enemies will bow before you and offer to serve you. What they have will be given to you. The one who fears man will become snared by his own fear, so put your trust in me.


The season is ripe with the fruit of BEAUTY. I will clothe your life with my beauty. I will play the cupid to you and captivate you in with my love. It will be so sweet and decadent for you to taste and eat.


The wicked may be sitting high and lofty, but I have allowed that in order to expose what was in their heart and bring them down in humble destruction. The wealth and honor that the wicked desire to receive, as they plot your demise will be given to you. I will transfer their wealth to your hand and I will take their crown of honor and place it upon your head.


I have seen your name written in my Book. As you stand in my presence, I extend my hand of FAVOR to you. I have given you the authority in my Kingdom to stamp my name on your petition. The words of prayer that you have asked for will be served as a banquet for you before your enemies.


As you lean into me with courage to believe that you have my favor, I will lean into you and hand you the scepter of my approval. Therefore, what you ask of me will be given to you! For this reason, I have given power to the wicked, that I may hand it over to you. If I had not allowed the wicked to prosper for a short time, I would not have been able to wrap you in the robe of destiny that I have prepared for you.


My presence is always with you. In my very presence, the enemy has attacked you. What he does not realize is that he has brought his own destruction by touching you, because you cannot curse whom I have chosen to bless.


You will receive BEAUTY and FAVOR from me. REST in confident expectation to see me move every detail of your life into a place of favor. There are times that I have hardened the heart of the enemy, just so I can give you my favor as vengeance against him.


No weapon formed against you will ever prosper, for you have found FAVOR with the KING OF KINGS. My Crown of beauty and honor is forever yours to wear. It is time to get dressed in your beautiful garments of my LOVE and FAVOR.


This is going to be exciting for you! Enjoy the show that I have set on stage just for you. It is your time to SHINE!”


Written by Dannette Garza

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