From the Writer of the Story


I saw a cloud that looked like a man’s hand. Then Jesus spoke this word to me, “Run with thanksgiving and praise! Have confidence in your hope in me. I am the rock of your salvation, I am the Lord your God.


I have allowed you to suffer in the dust and the heat of the scorching sun. I have even asked you to lay down the treasures of your heart to me. It was not to harm you, but my child it was to bless you. You have battled the fear of the enemies threats and plots to bring you bad news. I heard you cry out to me, “God, why have you allowed this to come to me? Where are you?”.


I have never left your side. I have been preparing my story for you. I am the writer of Happy Endings, you can trust in me. I love to bring a turnaround! What you thought was a bad dream in your life, is my surprise display of Love for you. Refuse to allow your heart to fear, but believe in me! Everything is under my care and I am for you. Let the light of my word guide your hope to me again.


My Grace I heap upon you of lavishly. Give thanks to me because I am GOOD! Eyes have not seen what I have prepared for the one who hopes in me. I am the song of your salvation. My sacrifice for you has forever been bound to the altar. Everything you see now will fade away, leaving only what I have spoken to be true.


Like little shells, I collect the desires of your heart. With every surrender, I have hidden them away for the day of Gladness that I made especially for you. My surprise to you is a dream come true. Buckets of grace and unexpected gifts I will give to you. This is my NEW beginning love song written just for you.


Let hope fill your heart again and lift up your praise to me. I come to you like a flash flood of rain, to bring you into the SURPRISE goodness of my special plans for you”.



Written by Dannette Garza