Prepare the Way Faith


Part of birthing the promises of God means tearing past the pain of logic. It means standing against the odds of circumstances and believing no matter how scary the road gets. It can come to the point where believing in God’s goodness towards you means life or death. How do we stand in faith, when life pushes us in the corner and there is no way out? How do we grab the hem of Jesus’s garment and draw the miracle out with faith?

In my personal life, it came to the point of losing everything. In all my life, I had never been so terrified. I had only two choices. I could either let go of His promise and sink down in the water, to the place where I could no longer grasp air to breathe. Or I could press my faith against the heart of the Father and believe him to the point of death.

I chose to believe. If I die, I die. But to not have His hope in my heart would be worse than any death I could imagine. Without Him, nothing else matters. It is only by faith that we can stand and see him. In absolute anguish, I cried to the Lord and I wrestled with the pressing doubt by standing in my faith.

Then out of the whirlwind, He answered me;

“ALL things are possible if you believe. To worship me in spirit and in truth means to fully believe what I have told you, even as the tempest rages around you, swirling with images of failure and doubt. Against all you see, just believe. Use your faith to stop the crashing waves. I am the anchor of Hope and when you hope to me, I will keep you safe.


I am the miracle maker. If you can only believe. You must believe that I am able. Let yourself be confident that I am willing because I am always willing. Even before you have cried out to me, I have put the answer in your heart. In the night I have instructed your heart to know my kind intentions for you. Will I bring the labor and not the delivery? Will I not fulfill what I have spoken? Simply believe me like a little child and it will be established.

Trust me to control the wind in your favor and believe that you have already received what you have asked for in faith. Abide in my word and my joy will fill your heart. I fulfill the desire of those who fear me. To fear me with your whole heart means to believe without a doubt that I will do what I have spoken to you. To believe in me is to trust in me. My word is proven and it will be a shield for you to trust in.


If you believe, you will enter into my rest and I will lift the weight off of you. I will carry you and I will help you. Whoever truly believes in me will never be put to shame. I have said that the righteous shall live by faith.


Be bold as you trust in me and leap into action. Prepare the way for your miracle. Before a baby comes, the mother prepares the room. She knows that she will soon hold her precious child. Likewise, let your faith be active to receive what you have believed. Step out and prepare for my gracious gift to you. To believe is to be active against all doubt. To believe is to be confident that I am a good father and that I will take good care of you. If you will only believe, then your eyes will see the manifestation of my glory in your life.

Lift up your voice in victory and believe that you have what you have asked me for in prayer. Enter into my presence with thanksgiving at the fulfillment of what I will do for you. Call it out with your faith, as though it were.  Faith is the currency of heaven and the more you give, the more you will receive.  As you have believed, so it will be done for you”.


Written by Dannette Garza

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