In His Hand



Though you may feel that God is far away and unaware of trials you face.  Hidden in the chambers of His heart, there is a love song beating for you. He has placed you in the palm of His hand and you are hidden in His shadow. His words dance in the heavens and echo His deep love for you,


“Before you knew to look for me, I knew you. Deep in the darkness of your mother’s womb, I was with you. From the depths of my heart, I formed every detail about you. Even your fingerprints have been engraved with my signature. I have formed you and I delight in you.


Can a woman forget her child or not have compassion on her own? Yet even if she were to forget, I will not forget you. My heart has been longing for you to see me, to draw near to me. I will comfort you.


Every detail of your life is under my watchful eye. I do not sleep or slumber, you are my passion. Your love for me is only a tiny reflection of my love for you. For I am all around you.


Before you even cry out to me, I know the words in your heart. It is I, who created your heart. There is no one like you in all the world because I have designed you to display a shimmer of my glory. You are a part of me. I have such good plans for you! Your future is safe with me. You can trust me. Even though others have hurt you and cast you aside, I will always love you. My love will never fail you. Even when you turned away from me, I never left your side. Nothing you can do would ever change my love for you.


I know your many sorrows, what makes you smile and what makes you laugh. I know the troubles you face and the fears that you have battled. There is nothing that can ever separate you from my love. There is no way to earn my love for you because it has always been there. My love for you is an unstoppable force. It is the longing of my heart for you to know my love and experience my goodness.


Although you have suffered much, I am beckoning you to draw close to me. I will lead you into my presence and surround you with my spirit. You are safe in me. From the beginning, I have planned your steps. Look to me and I will guide you always into my good plans for you. Because I have designed you, I know what makes you happy, more than you even know yourself. Trust in my plans. Trust in my heart.


I will open your eyes to know me deeper. In the dark of the night, I will hold your hand. In the joy of the morning, I will dance with you. It is impossible for you to even count my good thoughts towards you, they are more than sands along all the sea. Do you see beloved? I delight in you! You are never alone because you are mine and forever I am yours”

Love your Papa God.


Written by Dannette Garza

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